Major Bug - Miro copy pasted entire board instead of sticky note - undo impossible

  • 16 May 2024
  • 1 reply

I worked in Miro to outline some functionality for our platform. I did copy paste of a single sticky note but instead Miro copy pasted the entire board and (since it is a pretty big board) the system failed. Hence, I could not execute the „undo“ option. Now, we have everything twice on top of each other. I can also not load a previous version, because I am on a free plan. I really hope Miro has a fall-back solution for this and can load a previous version of the board. I know that Miro usually only offers version history on a paid plan, but since this is a mistake on the part of miro, I think they should help us regain our previous board. Otherwise, we will need days to clean up the board manually. I would even upgrade all our plans (we originally planned to do so anyways), but apparently version history does only start working after one starts paying. If anyone has a suggestion of saving the board some other way, I would be grateful.

1 reply

I had the same issue happen! Miro had been amazing up until now but it duped my entire board, now it's stacked on top of itself twice and no undo or history reset is able to revert this.  Frankly, I give up.  No more Miro for me unless I find a way to get this issue solved… I suppose I’ll give the new apple freeform app a try?