Lines not smooth using a writing tablet and screen capture software

  • 24 August 2020
  • 3 replies

Using a writing tablet and screen capture software.  The web interface for mirror allows me to draw nice smooth lines, but the mouse pointer is not picked up by my screen capture software.

If I use the windows app the screen capture picks up the pen cursor, but for some reason when I draw lines they come out all wiggly and change as I draw them. It is bizarre. 

Has anyone else found a workaround? Or even encountered this?

3 replies

Turning on compatibility settings in windows resolved the issue partially. But now the cursor is not well calibrated to my pen location….

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Hi James,

Sorry to hear this :pensive:

If you still experience any inconsistent behavior, will you please reach out to the Support team via this form

I just got a drawing tablet and have noticed the same thing, specifically

lines … come out all wiggly and change as I draw them

It’s almost like Miro is trying to vectorize the line after it is drawn. So as I’m drawing, the part of the line I just drew is changing in its squigglyness. I definitely think I could draw a better, straighter line without this.