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Where is the laser pointer tool in Miro?

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Hello @Bigkarlo ,

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I believe there is no Laser pointer feature on Miro. Some users have already requested for this you can check the thread here 

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While there is no explicit laser pointer tool, @Bigkarlo, if collaborator cursors are on, the participants could see exactly where the facilitator is…


  1. Function: Laser pointers work based on the principle of stimulated emission of radiation. They contain a laser diode that emits coherent light, meaning the light waves are in phase and travel in a straight line.

  2. Power and Range: Laser pointers come in different power levels, typically measured in milliwatts (mW). The power determines the brightness and the range of the laser beam. Common laser pointer power levels range from 1mW to 5mW, with higher-powered lasers available for specific industrial or scientific applications of fnbbranchcodes.

  3. Colors: Laser pointers are available in various colors, including red, green, blue, and violet. Red laser pointers are the most common and affordable, while green laser pointers tend to be brighter and more visible to the human eye.

  4. Safety: It is important to use laser pointers responsibly and with caution. Direct exposure to the laser beam, particularly at higher power levels, can be harmful to the eyes. Always avoid pointing the laser towards people or animals and follow safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer.