Keyboard opens whenever I use pen

  • 16 November 2023
  • 3 replies

Whenever I touch the whiteboard canvas on my touchscreen laptop with surface pen, the on-screen keyboard opens. I know this has been resolved for others, but I am still having this problem...

3 replies


Seems like this was a known bug that was recently resolved by Miro devs, but assuming the issue is still there and you’re on Windows 10/11, the best temporary solution might be to disable the on-screen keyboard whenever you use Miro. The on-screen keyboard is infamously problematic but this article might be of help. Best of luck!

I have the same problem on my Surface computer.  I hope it gets resolved. I guess I’ll disable keyboard.

Hello - this bug is not resolved. I installed Miro 3 days ago and I’ve closed the keyboard about 40 times… here’s hoping it gets fixed. @Gratacap  is it possible to disable the Miro keyboard? At first I thought it was Windows, but it’s Miro’s keyboard. How did you disable it?