Is there a way to activate palm rejection in the tablet?

  • 30 July 2020
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Is there a way to activate palm rejection in the tablet? Like some place to choose between drawing with the finger or with the pen


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Hi @Ana Luísa 

Not at the moment. I guess this wish list item describes the functionality you are looking for -

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Hi @Ana Luísa 

Thanks for the request! We are working on the improved experience of the Miro iPad app with Apple Pencil.

If you are open to talk with me about your experience and try out a prototype, please choose a convenient time slot for you via this link.

As you know, lots of unwanted marks are created when one tries to write with the Apple pencil as there is close to no palm rejection.


Could you please add a button that disables the finger writing and only allows the Apple pencil? That way one can shift/zoom with the fingers and write with the pen without interferences.


Thank you.

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Hey @Brice Ménard, thanks for the suggestion.

We’ve also started the user testing of the improved stylus support in Miro. If you are willing to share your feedback and test out a new prototype, please book a convenient time via this link.

how is it considered SOLVED when the palm rejection hasn't been implemented yet.

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Good catch, @XsDash!

Thank you, I’ve fixed it.

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Hi @Ana Luísa @Brice Ménard @XsDash,

Just wanted to let you know that we’ve released the Palm Rejection on touch devices :tada:

Please see the details and leave your feedback here :wink: