Apple pencil support on iPadOS / Drawing without unwanted marks and dots

  • 28 April 2020
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When I using Apple Pencil in Miro App on iPadOS,

the screen reacts with my hands and fingers so that I couldn’t write well on iPad.

I feel Miro App is the best Application for remote jobs.

So, I’m sad about that point.


I wish Miro support Apple Pencil.


34 replies

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While drawing with the Apple pen I would like to deactivate the possibility to draw with my fingers?I’m leaving lots of unwanted marks and dots on the canvas. 

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100% agree the palm detection sensitivity is quite poor relative to the native Apple notes app or Nebo. 

Our entire product and design org is remote due to covid and everyone uses miro and Apple Pencil on iPad Pro for white boarding, lo-fi mocks, mind mapping, and process flows.


Having support for Apple pencil’s gestures, palm detection, and pressure sensitivity is a must have.


I feel like I’m in the 17th century when using my Apple Pencil in the miro app- having the dip my quill in ink each time I want to switch between the draw tool and eraser and each time I need to adjust the thickness of the line. 


Love your app, but please support this amazing technology!

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Agreed but for the S-pen on the tab S6.

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Yes, same! I was really excited for Miro on the iPad Pro, but I’m very disappointed that it is not supported. It’s so difficult to use the smart draw with the Apple Pencil that it’s not worth it because I can’t use my finger to navigate without switching back to the pointer tool.

Same here, I really need this and I could forget about the other note apps.

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Same here.

Drawing with the Pencil is hardly possible.

Check how “GoodNotes” or “Notability” do it.

Besides this: Awesome product.


This is really a deal breaker for us when we are running workshops.


Please please please enable this feature

I agree with all the above. Would be great with more mature drawing tools.
Also if I draw on a post-it I want the drawings to be attached to the post-it (auto-grouped)

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If drawing is difficult. Handwriting is imposible ! 

I was very very excited when I saw the app on youtube. It would be my app for ALL my work on iPad. I  use mainly notability. 

I never used it again.

Miro with handwriting capabilities would be an appkiller.

Please make this possible! Besides unwanted dots and lines where I rest my palm, it also behaves different than any other app, where it’s common to scroll with one finger.


Besides this, Miro is an amazing app!

I wish Miro support Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 stylus. When this is done then I will buy a subscription.

Miro let me know when it is done.

This tool is perfect for  pencil, hoping it gets first-class-citizen support soon!

This is a really important feature, also wanting it here for our remote teams.  Quick evocative sketches are a really important part of brainstorming and being limited to words (or drawing with the mouse - yuck) means we can only tap part of the creative power of the team...

Including proper Apple Pencil support would be the difference between using the iPad app and using a white board (then taking a picture then importing said white board to the app again and again and again).

Just like everyone else here is saying, preventing finger input when using the apple pencil would be super helpful. My boards are covered with unintentional dots, jots, and squiggles from my palm and finger. I tap undo so much I’m wearing a hole in my screen :)

Please prioritize this feature, along with everyone else here I am looking for a “miro with apple pencil support” that includes palm/finger detection.

I wanted to chime in as well, I’m evaluating a number of options for our organization, and the lack of palm rejection when using a stylus (iOS and Android) is big let down. Many drawing apps already implement it, so it really feels like an oversight at this point.

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for the thread and a discussion! We are working on the improved experience of the Miro iPad app with Apple Pencil and trying to solve the abovementioned issues. 

If you are open to talk with me about your experience and try out a prototype, please choose a convenient time slot for you via this link.

@Adrian Irwin @Aaron Dressin @Will Leingang @pdonoghue @PeterLowe @Henri Liriani @ChristophK @juan josé @Rogerbubba @Simon Summermatter @maxroz @daiv @Joe @Helgos @Lyapunov 

Hey @Tolya Filippov 

I probably missed the chance - your link is not valid (any more?).

If you’re still interested in my opinion, let me know!


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Hey @ChristophK 
Thanks for your willingness for the interview, we’ll definitely have more interviews regarding this topic in the future and we’ll reach out to you then.

@Tolya Filippov : Can you tell us the “priority” working on this feature? In times of remote Work ist is really a pitty not having proper apple pencil support… Thanks for your answer in advance!

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Hi @broadcast_seven, thanks for the question.

It’s a priority for our team, and we’re currently working on this initiative. I can’t say the specific date yet, so please stay tuned.

Could you please elaborate, what problems do you currently encounter?

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@Tolya Filippov I can answer from my own experience. I may be in a rare group here that does not use Miro for any kind of strategy/planning work. I have set up maps for my field crew to use in Miro.

We were previously using (and mostly still are using) a .pdf editor app to mark down inspections of storm drains in our area. This involves a lot of markings that are basically highlights and small notes, but they really add up to a lot of information. With Miro, I can lay out a huge area instead of them having open one .pdf at a time. (I also added my vote to the “add a highlighter tool” wish list item, which I really need.)

Not having the palm-rejection feature of a stylus/Apple Pencil leads to all kinds of little nuisances that slowly wear the guys out. Lots of accidental markings, difficulty moving/zooming in around the maps…These guys will make notes for hundreds of stops every day.


Another +1 for palm rejection support, but then on Surface-style Windows 10 touch-screen laptops.

Main goal: whiteboard replacement for brainstorming/designing by distributed teams in these work-from-home times. Handwritten/drawn content makes it feel more like an actual whiteboard, but it's hard to use without palm rejection.

@Tolya Filippov I use Miro pretty extensively now for client and internal planning/whiteboarding/teaching sessions. I’d love to give any feedback you need to help expedite this, as it is my biggest pain point with Miro so far.