Apple pencil support on iPadOS / Drawing without unwanted marks and dots

  • 28 April 2020
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When I using Apple Pencil in Miro App on iPadOS,

the screen reacts with my hands and fingers so that I couldn’t write well on iPad.

I feel Miro App is the best Application for remote jobs.

So, I’m sad about that point.


I wish Miro support Apple Pencil.


10 replies

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While drawing with the Apple pen I would like to deactivate the possibility to draw with my fingers?I’m leaving lots of unwanted marks and dots on the canvas. 

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100% agree the palm detection sensitivity is quite poor relative to the native Apple notes app or Nebo. 

Our entire product and design org is remote due to covid and everyone uses miro and Apple Pencil on iPad Pro for white boarding, lo-fi mocks, mind mapping, and process flows.


Having support for Apple pencil’s gestures, palm detection, and pressure sensitivity is a must have.


I feel like I’m in the 17th century when using my Apple Pencil in the miro app- having the dip my quill in ink each time I want to switch between the draw tool and eraser and each time I need to adjust the thickness of the line. 


Love your app, but please support this amazing technology!

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Agreed but for the S-pen on the tab S6.

Yes, same! I was really excited for Miro on the iPad Pro, but I’m very disappointed that it is not supported. It’s so difficult to use the smart draw with the Apple Pencil that it’s not worth it because I can’t use my finger to navigate without switching back to the pointer tool.

Same here, I really need this and I could forget about the other note apps.

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Same here.

Drawing with the Pencil is hardly possible.

Check how “GoodNotes” or “Notability” do it.

Besides this: Awesome product.


This is really a deal breaker for us when we are running workshops.


Please please please enable this feature

I agree with all the above. Would be great with more mature drawing tools.
Also if I draw on a post-it I want the drawings to be attached to the post-it (auto-grouped)

If drawing is difficult. Handwriting is imposible ! 

I was very very excited when I saw the app on youtube. It would be my app for ALL my work on iPad. I  use mainly notability. 

I never used it again.

Miro with handwriting capabilities would be an appkiller.

Please make this possible! Besides unwanted dots and lines where I rest my palm, it also behaves different than any other app, where it’s common to scroll with one finger.


Besides this, Miro is an amazing app!