Integrating Excel table into Miro table

  • 23 February 2022
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Good morning Miro Community!

I saw that it is possible to export a Miro table into Excel easily. This is great, but I want to know if there is more Miro can support!

  1. If there is a way to do this the other way around; Excel table export to Miro table.
  2. If there is a way to Live update an Excel table with real time info from the Miro table.
  3. If there is a way to Live update a Miro table with real time info from the Excel table.

I hope someone can answer these questions, thanks already!

Kind regards,

Ronald Molenaar

2 replies

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@Ronald Molenaar -

  1. You can upload an MS Excel file into Miro using the standard upload file tool. This will give you a view only version of the spreadsheet in Miro. You can also select a bunch of cells in the Excel spreadsheet, copy them and then paste them in to Miro - this will create sticky notes from them.
  2. Unfortunately, there is no dynamic data sync capability between Excel and Miro. There is a wish list idea previously entered for something similar which you can upvote here:


This is a significant gap in Miro for anyone trying to use Miro in an agile project