I can open boards although I don't have access to the project (Consultant Plan)

  • 12 November 2020
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We’re an organisation that does work for other clients.  We just got Miro and we got the consultant plan as I thought that gave us internal security (so only some users could see some client’s projects as all our clients have different vetting and NDA requirements).

Currently we’ve got 4 users, two of us are working with one client and the other two with the other client.  We’ve created projects per client and restricted access just to the two members that should have access.  The client I’m not working with (called ‘XXXX Net Gains’) you can see it is not appearing in my Projects list on the left.  However boards from that project are appearing on the All Boards list and I can open them.

Is this the expected behaviour?  If so, how to I change it so that those boards aren’t visible to the two users who shouldn’t see them.




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@Trish McDonough -

If you are on the Consultant plan, the best way to segregate boards between different clients is to create a different Team for each client. 


Thanks Kiron but tried that and it doesn’t appear to work.

I had a team before we set up the team on the consultant plan.  But my original team is still a free account.  If I try to create a new team, it asks me to agree to the reoccurring payment (I don’t even appear to be able to set up multiple free teams).

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@Trish McDonough - Creating a new Team in the Consultant Plan is a little different. From your Dashboard, click the team settings/gear icon:


Then Company:


And then Teams → Create new team:


This has confused many users and the process could definitely be improved. In Miro's defense, they did add a little note on the new team payment screen, but even that could be improved. I added a suggestion here but it has yet to be implemented ;)

Thanks - I tried that and it worked. I’m still puzzled about the permissions for projects though and how they interact with board permissions.  Do you know if that is explained anywhere? Thanks!

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@Trish McDonough - Great!

So, the Teams → Projects → Boards hierarchy.

Here are a few resources:

In summary

  • Projects are kind of like folders.
  • A board can be on exist in one Project at a time.
  • You can use folders to organize boards.

You can add other team members to a project - e.g., you are on a Team Plan that only has one team, unlike the Consultant Plan which allow for multiple teams. And say you want to work on some boards with two others in your company, Joe and Jill, but don’t want anyone else to see those boards. Yes, you could set those board’s Share settings to Anyone at [TEAM NAME] → No access and then add only Joe and Jill at the board level:

However, say you need to pull two more people and then you add one more board. Well, then you would have to repeat the above steps for the two new folks and on the new board you would have to add all of the staff.

Instead, you could set the board to no access for the team:


Create a project and set its Anyone in your team[...] to OFF:


And then add Joe and Jill etc. as members to that project;


Now the following will happen:

  1. You, Joe, and Jill will all see
    1. Test project
    2. Any boards in this project in your dashboard
  2. No one else will see these boards or know they exist.
  3. Any time you add (or move an existing board) to the Test project, Joe and Jill will see them too.

Hopefully that makes it all a bit more clear.