How to start fullscreen Presentation Mode?

  • 9 June 2020
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I’m trying to use presentation mode. The frames are there but they are viewing all the frames instead of a slideshow view. Do I still ‘invite-view only’ ? What if they already are an editor on that board?

I even tried screen share and they said they can see the beginning of the next slide (does that mean I made the frames to big? what size should the frames be?




Best answer by Kiron Bondale 10 June 2020, 00:30

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3 replies

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@Steve -

After selecting “presentation mode” are you then clicking the play button to put it into slide show mode (see below) as that is what makes it allow you to go from frame-to-frame with no other frames showing. It will auto-resize the frames to fit the maximum width of the screen while maintaining the frame proportion.

Then, to show that to participants, use the screen share...


Hi Kiron,

Yes - i first click ‘presentation mode’ then i hit that blue arrow.

so you are saying once i do above - i still hit screen share?


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Correct - you have to do the first to do a sideshow on your screen but unless you are sharing your screen using a third-party video conferencing tool you would need to use the Miro screen share option to show other collaborators what you are seeing.