How to copy a board from shared team to my own with Free Miro?

  • 22 November 2022
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I've been using Miro mainly with other people on group projects but recently this has shifted to wanting to use Miro for myself. I want to use it to structure my ideas. I have created one board on a shared team page that I want to move to my own team/page. But since I have a free account, I can either only join shared team boards or have my own. Is it possible to copy this board, leave the teams, create my own team and post the board there without losing it? I've put quite a load of work into it..

Can I do this with a free Miro account at all - or would I have to purchase a Miro plan to be able to do this?

2 replies

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@IrisSt - It's 530am where I am and I can't go into much detail at the moment, but depending on the content settings permissions of the team you are in, you may be able to move (or duplicate) the board to a Free Plan team.

Have a read though this post and let us know if you still have questions:


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In summary, from the dashboard/list of boards, right-click on the board (or use the ellipsis menu) and look for Move to team.