How do I avoid ungrouping all sub groups?

  • 6 February 2021
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I have created a group of say 3 forms, copied that about 100 times and grouped them into larger groups of 10 -15 shapes which I again grouped all together. Once I ungrouped the large group I expected the ungrouping to occur only on the first level as it would in Powerpoint. However, every last small form was ungrouped so I need to manually piece all the groupings back together. This is hugely annoying and a time killer. How can I avoid this?

If this is not a user error it’s a bug in my eyes as other software that works with groupings behaves differently.

1 reply

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Hi @Martin Peters,

I’m afraid this is expected behavior at the moment. This Wish List idea seems to be similar to what you describe, so I’d encourage you to also add your comment/use case there.