Ungrouping a big Group PRESERVES the smaller nested groups there were within it

  • 23 October 2020
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  • I have a small group made of 5 items and another made of 3, I have 2 groups.
  • If I put them together I have a bigger group that contains both.
  • If I ungroup it I lose my other 2 smaller groups.
  • Every object is free on it’s own and I have to manually recreate everything.


  • It can be really useful, for example, if I create any type of custom shapes (e.g.: for a particular workshop)
  • It can be useful if I create custom icons
  • It can be useful if I creates groups of stiky notes that I cant to move around together because they are related, but suddenly I realise one smaller group need to actually be set aside.
    Probably this is not an innovating idea, but is a very functional one.


2 replies


I agree - the current implementation of the ungroup function needs to be changed.

I have created a group of say 3 forms, copied that about 100 times and grouped them into larger groups of 10 -15 shapes which I again grouped all together. Once I ungrouped the large group I expected the ungrouping to occur only on the first level as it would in Powerpoint. However, every last small form was ungrouped so I need to manually piece all the groupings back together. This is hugely annoying and a time killer.

Yes definitely need groups of groups just like Powerpoint or most other applications that allow grouping these days.