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  • 8 June 2021
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Hello Miro’ians.  Apologies for this being so long and maybe this should be in the Ideas section?  If so I’ll move it but maybe what I am asking for exists and I just dont know how to do it. 

As a person that thinks very visually it can be very difficult to explain what I NEED to “see” a project or organize a large overview of projects and how they relate.  After playing with many many many apps and software, Miro is the first piece of software that gets very close to being a tool that would allow me to build a living environment with a dashboard overview to organize my Projects and Life.

The more I use and experiment, the more capable i see that it is but I believe it can be so much more.  I love the templates and use cases people have developed that are fascinating and have opened my eyes for how organization and collaboration can be taken to more than just the next level.  

I have built a solution in no time and little experience for a buddy of mine that manages many automotive technicians and clients utilizing Zapier and Multiple Google Docs to automatically create cards for Work Orders that become Items in a Kanban layout to be reviewed, organized, assigned and filed after completion.  As great as it is I still could not visualize how Miro could help me directly. 

I am using my basement buildout project as my intro to Miro organization that I hope will visualize this project then my Life…  I have a “paralysis by analysis” type of personality and will neglect a project if I can not visualize each step or get it organized properly due to frustration.  Using Miro I began to discover a workflow that will work but I need help dialing it in from the community but do not know if I can do what I need it to do.

Sooo…..   Here are the things I am looking to do.



These need to dominate my workflow.  I really like the Visual Notes that pop up off to the right and its fantastic however I need more… Much More….   Each project I am outlining has many steps and in each step tasks.  I was trying to use Cards for lists but the lists are buried in the card and it must be opened to view the lists.  And then they are only lists and not Checklists.  

The reason checklists are important to me is I need quickly mark things off to not break train of though or I get disoriented.  I get that i can make a list and put an X or whatever to accomplish the same thing but for whatever reason, my brain needs that stupid box…  I would go to the local Home store and my List of Products would be right on my phone and I check off as I walk around….  I had to highlight an area of text and click a few times to underline it so I know it was off the list.  Worked but a pain as a checkbox would be easier.

Wireframe checkbox lists seemed promising until i realized what a wireframe was and is just a representation of an function that would need to be developed.  Oops…  I need this as a functional list like a Frame or Card.

I used my iPad to walk around my basement and take pictures of areas, marked them up, create cards with details and arrange each card as task with an arrow and color to the place on the picture for what needs to happen.  Then created a shopping list for parts (for each task) and quantities needed as well as another list for which tools i was going to need (for each task) to finish the job.  This one area of the basement has five projects that need to be organized to complete ONE area of many other projects that need to be finished…  

If there is a way to have check lists that can be organized with a view like Frames or cards that can be filtered with a Tag…  Eureka!  Everything would fall together quickly.



I see shapes can have links and the workflow buttons can have links but they are a small little arrow on the top corner of the “Button”.  Maybe there is a way to do this but I would like a REAL button.  The whole button becomes the link, not just the little arrow I cant see unless i zoom way in.

As I use this I would like to use or build a blueprint for my basement and have buttons in each area that will take me to a Frame (that can be a repeatable template) which is a Project including Pictures, Cards in a Kanban, Shopping Lists, Tools Needed and general notes area, just for starters.  Each Frame will be a particular project all stemming from the overall project.  I would also have buttons in some project areas that would link/jump to other projects that are related or may need to happen in a particular order.


Lock Positions But Not Content:

It would be nice to lock a Tables position but not the content.  I find it very easy to accidently move a table but I do not like having to unlock it to use it.  This will also mess up a Google Sheet that Zapier is connected to.  If i unlock it, I accidently move it…  Every time.  If I lock it, Zapier can not create cards.  Am I missing something or is this also a feature request?


These are just a couple that will get me up and running quickly and are holding me back from jumping all in.


Also…   Are there any resources on how to use the API?…   I am one to develop my own tools if it does not exist however I see Miro as a platform capable of being a framework for people to build solutions for others in Miro and marketing their services for this.  

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Hello Scott,

Thanks for sharing! We are always looking for ways to improve, and your idea could certainly become a great addition to our product! Unfortunately these functions are not currently possible. In order to make sure your ideas reach our product team, would you please so kind submit your idea to our Wish List?

By adding your idea, you’ll help us collect all the feedback in one place and create a live community of passionate contributors that drives change together!

Please take a look at this handy resource to use API on our Miro Developer Platform and check out our Developer Platform and APIs section of the Miro Community.