Free Account without admin rights, unable to remove members before upgrading

I am on a free plan of Miro, the team admin has left the organisation and there is no way to reach out to Support.


I have 43 members in the team, but I only need 25 members and I can’t remove the other ones as I don’t have admin right. Now, when I try to upgrade with 43 members, I get the below message on upgrade screen:

Kind of stuck and have no clue how to move forward.

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@Varun Modi -

If you are intending to purchase a paid plan, it would still be worth contacting Miro support here and make it clear that’s what you intend to do: Submit a request – Miro Support & Help Center


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@Varun Modi - Instead of upgrading, you can just create a new plan/paid subscription using the Add teams action:


Once you have created the new paid team with the number of seats you need, you can add your team members.

Then, any boards in the free plan team that you need to be in the paid plan, you can move them using the Move to team action.

NOTE: Only a board owner can use the Move to team action, but anyone in a Free Plan can duplicate any board and then move the duplicate. 

Once you’re all done and in the paid team, you could all leave the free plan team.

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For anyone else reading this post and wondering what to do if the only Team Admin of a Free Plan team is no longer available, I will share a link to this post that outlines steps on how to create a new Free Plan team and move an boards and team members to the new plan:

@Robert Johnson thanks a lot for such a detailed answer. Exactly the idea I had, but it is too much of hassle to move so many boards and add all the members again (relatively simpler) in the new team.

My first preference would be to see if Miro support can update the admin from their end to avoid all the hassle; if yes, all good, otherwise I will go ahead with the approach you suggested. 

Thanks a lot for your detailed answer.