Frame menu missing 'list' option - help!

  • 20 April 2022
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Hi! I’m trying to re-order the sequence of my frames. For some reason, I can’t get to the sub menu (in the frames side menu) that allows me to toggle between the list and the mini icons. 

It’s already a hassle to move the frames one by one (bummed about this!), but using the icon view is even more ‘hassling’ compared to the ‘list’ view. Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong? Where the option should be, I instead have an ‘add frame’ icon. Hmm. 

ALSO, on a separate note from ‘frames’ themselves: any ideas on how I can create several meeting sequences in the same board? For example, my classroom will have a three part series. Part I meeting is now done. So, I’m now creating the Part II meeting. But I hate to give up my ‘meeting’ sequence for Part I. Current work around is to create Part II meeting at the top, with a divider frame, then Part I follows.  I want to be able to re-use this board, with all three meeting sequences in place. 

4 replies

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@Anne Scarlett - The Frames sidebar has recently changed. Here are two other posts about this:


Create multiple Meeting instances in one board

As fart as I know, this is not possible - I also do not see a mention of this in the  Smart Meetings help center article. You’ll likely want to just Duplicate your board and create a new meeting.

I would suggest giving Miro feedback on both of these issues via the Give us feedback link at the bottom of the Meeting sidebar - I would also suggest including a link to your post:


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Thanks much for your quick response. Here’s the problem with creating a new board for each meeting:

My users are very new to Miro, and stressed/busy (like many!) It makes life a lot easier for them if I have have one “MASTER BOARD” for the three-part series. If I use separate boards for each part---even if I was to link them to one another--it would become more complicated.

As it stands, I also have them do prep work (on separate boards) before each part. I then link the prep-work to the Master Board. So it’s like this:

PrepWork Part I (it’s own board)

PrepWork Part II (it’s own board, but I’ve embedded Part I for easy access)

PrepWork Part III (same - it’s own board, but I’ll embed Parts I and II). 


MasterBoard, where all three Parts of the Workshop will live. All three workshops will have facilitated meetings from that same board. The prep boards are embedded in my MasterBoard. 


Thanks for letting me know about the change to frames. So bummed-- this board has tons of frames, and it’s very hard to move them around in the right sequence -- I want them in the proper sequence for meetings AND within presentation mode. Would like to be able to reorder them in bulk as well. 

In D2L (a learning management tool), we are able to reorder certain folders through a bulk option, where we can literally number them. Love that! 


Thanks again! 

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@Anne Scarlett - I do see value in your specific use case - hopefully Miro has this planned for a future release, similar to multiple voting session. Do be sure to share a link to this post via the feedback feature. I will also pass it along too.

+1 for wanting the “list option” back