Fonts are smaller than expected

  • 12 October 2020
  • 2 replies

Please can someone help me to understand if I’m doing something wrong. If I create an A4 frame and put in some text with Arial 12pt the font is much smaller both when I export the frame to pdf or if I copy and paste the text into Google docs. How can I make sure that the font size is as expected when I export it?


2 replies

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Hi Kerstin,

Font size in a frame may vary according to your zoom factor. At what percentage zoom are you creating your board?  I find that 12 percent font looks normal at about a 100% zoom.  Here is a rough scaling guide.





Hi @Brian Fulghum, thanks for getting back to me. Is the zoom factor a setting or do you just mean how zoomed in or out you are? What I’m really interested in is what happens with export. I created text with font size 12pt within an A4 frame but when I exported it the font was much smaller than 12pt.