Endless image loading

  • 17 August 2023
  • 5 replies

Hi! Recently I have encountered such a problem that Miro does not want to display images on the board. I just have a gray rectangle displayed and the image seems to be trying to load. But no matter how long I wait, it doesn't appear. Tell me, maybe someone is facing this problem now?

5 replies

Same problem here… I found this topic “[RESOLVED] Images Never Finish Loading”, but it’s been 1 year

I've with the same issue! I've tried to access on several browsers, including incognito window, iPad and iPhone too. In all of them the images seems to be trying to load (gray rectangle).


Same here, since this morning.

Resolved here!

I am having the same issue on my mac and on my ipad. It is very frustrating when attempting to share content in a meeting.

I am careful to keep my images small but still have this issue. 

Are there actions I can take to address this? 

Is this issue being resolved?