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  • 3 November 2023
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Hi there, 

I have been searching for a Driver Diagram template within Miro.  This is a tool we use a lot within our Trust.  It feels like there would be one already in the templates, but I just can’t find one.  Anyone have any ideas?

3 replies

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@Faye Kenning - I am not familiar with the Driver Diagram, and not not immediately finding one when I search, but from a Google search, it seems like something that you could create yourself in 10-15 minutes, depending on your skills using Miro.

Personally, I would search the diagram, grab a screenshot to put on the Miro board, and use rectangle shapes and connection line arrows to create the template. Then, I would save it as a custom template for future use.

My Google search:

One of the first results:

And then i created these three rectangles in less than five minutes:


Thanks Robert for taking the time to have a look into this for me and respond.  I have created one myself before, but I was hoping that there was a template hiding somewhere and maybe I was just searching for it using a different name, or that there was some other simple reason why I couldn’t find it.  

I didn’t actually know that you can save templates in Miro.  Do you have to be a licenced member for this?  We are in the process of gaining a licence, but are currently using the free version.  

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@Faye Kenning - Unfortunately, the Custom Template feature is only available to paid and Education plan subscriptions.

Until you upgrade, and easy workaround is to frame your template on an existing board in your Free Plan, maybe lock all objects, including the frame itself (to limit the chance of someone accidentally deleting/altering it, and when you need it, just select the frame and duplicate it using Ctrl/Cmd-D.

You could also submit it to the Miroverse template site, so that anyone – including your team – can access it any time, from anywhere.