'Double tap to add the last object used' feature is not working anymore

  • 12 December 2021
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Help me out someone, please!

I’ve been using Miro for half a year now, everything worked smoothly, but 2 days ago I accidentally did something, and NOW the ‘Double tap to add the last object used’ feature is not working.

Now, if I double tap on the board, nothing appears, neither the T for the text, nor squares or stickers.


How can I have that function back?


Please, I hope someone knows.

Thank you <3

61 replies

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Oh no! I loved that feature! It has recently stopped working for me and this is why I was looking for a way to turn it back on, because the lack of it is slowing my work down considerably. It’s so annoying now. Could you possibly make this optional, maybe turned off by default but definitely allow the people who use it to be able to continue doing so?

I don’t know who you did your research with it - but our whole team is missing the double click function.

It would benice if you gave people a headsup when you’re going to take functionality away. 


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@Helga Wow. This thread has been devastating. Double click stopped working and I came here to see if it was a bug. Shocked to see such a big feature removed with no option to turn it back on. 36% of people seems pretty significant to not even have an option. The double click is a lifesaver for my workflow, which just became a lot more tedious. I hope Miro considers an option in the future. Muscle memory is a b*tch. RIP double click.

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I would also echo the colleagues above - taking away this features slow down my work significantly. I tried with using ‘N’ button but the shortcuts don’t work either. No chance for an efficient work on Miro anymore and I’ve been using it on daily basis till now :’(

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@Agata S I wish I had better news for you but we are going to completely deprecate the double-click shortcut. And there is no way to keep in on the particular users’ accounts as it’s not technically possible. As we already mentioned, we made that decision because our data shows that in 64% of cases the newly created widget is either removed or not edited. The shortcut has no indication of what widget will be created, and causes unnecessary friction in both continuous and first-time usage. Also, the adoption of the feature isn’t high enough to justify investing in improving its UX. 
We hope for your understanding.

so, to those 33% using is, tough luck…got it. so should power users, which will always account for less than 50%, should plan on more features being removed? 

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Just jumping into this thread too as a voice for bringing this back as an option. 

I also use this feature all of the time and I am really disappointed to see it go. 64% is not a strong number to remove a feature on - especially when it is so easy to double click and create an object. Just because it was not used, does not mean that object was not valuable. I’m frustrated this feature is removed.

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I signed up here just to second what all the people here wrote. Removing this feature has significantly slowed down my workflows (and for now - as long as I still have this learned behavior - is a great nuisance). The suggested alternatives are nice, but all (except for TAB maybe, but that one doesn’t work as universally) introducing extra steps or complicated combos. Not happy. 


And speaking as a product manager myself - removing a feature that was used in 1/3 of all sessions effectively does not sound smart to me. It’s a significant number. I hope a deeper analysis went into this than just looking at this one metric. At the very least this should be a feature that can be toggled on (and being turned off on default). 

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signed up just to say please provide an option to re-enable the double-click feature as it is used all the time in our workflow and speeds things up considerably for us. embarrassing to have it just go away without notice while trying to illustrate an idea in a meeting. i’ll remember to not update software before meetings…

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It was definitely the fastest way to create and edit sticky notes for me and I am really disappointed to experience this deprecation.  

The saddest part is that I often use rectangle sticky note, and currently there is no way to create as fast and as easy as before.

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Thanks for your feedback - i´ll miss the double click option. @Amina from Russia I press the “n” button on my keyboard now to create a new sticky note. That works better for me than drag and drop.

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This is how I know that UX isn’t empowered. If you are finding that people delete some notes after double-clicking, you don’t remove the feature. There are other solutions and I haven’t seen your qual research, but why not make it a setting? Double-click drops your last used object - on/off.

So you can double click OR:

  • Find an object. Copy it. Paste it.
  • Press n. Then click.
  • Go to the left toolbar. Click on the object. Click on the sub-choice for the object. Click where you want that.

You took something easy and intuitive that took two taps/clicks, and made it manually intensive. You removed something people needed and used, and why? Because some people didn’t use it? Can you imagine what would be left in Miro if you completely removed SOME things people didn’t use?

Be careful when you think you are saving a user from themselves. If your observational research shows that people double clicked by mistake, erased the object, and did that over and over and never learned, then *they* might need to turn that feature off.

What did they think they were doing by double clicking? I would imagine that observing these things would inspire you to possibly change the double click to what users thought their task was. But to just remove it?

Please empower UX teams, and make sure you are hiring highly-qualified UX practitioners who can apply critical thinking. Let them find and solve problems because removing a popular feature because some people had a wacky time with it doesn’t seem like the right answer.

Please put this feature back and make it a setting. Do you want double clicking to drop your last used object? Yes/no

Or what do you want double clicking to do? Drop the last used object/thing observational research showed that users thought they were doing by double clicking.


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I signed up just to add my voice to this thread. BRING THE DOUBLE CLICK POST IT NOTE BACK! I’m so frustrated. I can’t believe you’d make a decision based on (not very compelling) data without understanding the impact removing this functionality would have on users. 

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Im also badly missing the ‘double click’ feature. It was so handy to capture notes in a quick fashion. It’s so much slower to do them individually. Please bring this make this feature as an option!

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I am really disappointed to experience this deprecation. Please bring the double clicking functionality back.

I create an empty one and remove it immediately often too, but it doesn’t mean I would want double click to create new note option to be removed. It is my most used function on the whole app.

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 I think the idea of burning bridges is awful. Is it really necessary to delete the function? This is not to mention the fact that under 64% you count cases, not the percentage of people. But even if we consider this as a percentage of people, then depriving a third of users is not cool.
This "fix" slowed down my work significantly. Every time I have to pause and pull out the damn sticker instead of continuing to write. Just make a switch for it as for other functions. Your program is the most user-friendly among competitors. Please don't take a step back.


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Can u enable this feature for a Tablet at most? at laptop we can use Hotkeys but at Tablet its very tediously

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I had to google this after weeks of frustration, people signing up here just to comment shows how important this feature was, and I’m starting to think the metric was misinterpreted, as I believe I have created and removed notes a lot, and not by accident, thus contributing to this metric, if anything, it is showing how much it improves usability to the point where you don’t care anymore about the effort on creating new items. Now it hurts having to add new stickies, and I have tried the alternatives mentioned before but nothing comes close to the original feature. It sounds crazy but this single feature makes enough difference and produces enough frustration for me to stop using the service all together until it is reverted or improved. 

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Sorry to see this feature go :( it should probably be a user setting. 

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Echoing other users’ disappointment here. I do rapid mapping of very complex meetings, and people rely on me to be able to map out ideas quickly. The double-click was the only option that allowed me to move the map arround and add notes quickly wherever I wanted. This was a bad call.

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super disappointing that this feature went away -- definitely slows me down to get things done in Miro - was one of my favorite features when working in adhoc groups and discussions

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@Lena Shenkarenko @Helga 

Not having the double-click feature is so disappointing.

I used it for quick notes when doing UX interviews….can’t do that now, too slow :(

I used it for a lot of workshops where timed activities, you need to brainstorm and throw a bunch of notes.

ESPECIALLY when using for collaboration activities with various business teams. They are not always the most tech saavy, so having an easy way instead of having to explain yet one more thing about a new tool (the N shortcut) for them to use an already “new” experience for them.

All of my colleagues use this function, across multiple companies and teams. If the basic speed is impacted this much, it doesn’t necessarily matter what special features you have, since the basic ideas are altered. (with the N you still have to click on color and click on page, still too slow and you can’t capture important SPEEDY conversations appropriately.)

I am trying to get this set up for an enterprise like I did for my other positions. This will be a factor. Please reconsider adding this feature back in, it is truly impactful.

I am still missing this feature. Please please please revert this back to being available. This was really valuable.

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I share the same view and id like if they change it back again. I made a topic in the idea section. Maybe you guys want to vote for it.


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I can add my vote for this being a much used feature, having it as a default off setting would satisfy us pro users and make newcomers have a nicer experience