'Double tap to add the last object used' feature is not working anymore

  • 12 December 2021
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Upvote this one !!!!


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I also signed up just to echo the request to bring this back! It really slows me down and I keep making that mistake and getting annoyed. I even convinced my new work place to get Miro because it is a life saver, but these small things make the experience slower. Why remove it if it doesnt interfere with anything? Isnt it similar to undo or redo? 

I also noticed the switch between pan and select has become worse, before it auto detected, but now you have to actively press a key to note the difference. Please bring back those 2 shortcuts!

Please don’t deprecate this function.  True, sometimes I use it mistakenly and delete the object immediately.  But I go into extended periods in my workflow when I rely on it to move quickly.  

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Please vote to bring it back:

I just want to add that I also really miss this feature and hope it will come back. It’s really slowing down my workflow not having it, and it was only after spending ages in frustration, refreshing the page, going through a bunch of settings, etc., that I thought to Google where the setting was/if this was a bug. And then I came across this post!

If this setting can become configurable, that’d be much appreciated!

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I wish I had better news for you but we are going to completely deprecate the double-click shortcut. And there is no way to keep in on the particular users’ accounts as it’s not technically possible. As we already mentioned, we made that decision because our data shows that in 64% of cases the newly created widget is either removed or not edited. The shortcut has no indication of what widget will be created, and causes unnecessary friction in both continuous and first-time usage. Also, the adoption of the feature isn’t high enough to justify investing in improving its UX. 
We hope for your understanding.

Please return the double click option to add a new sticker. Hasn’t been working for a month or longer. Very annoying as it’s one of the most used option.

I use Miro Desktop app / Microsoft laptop.



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Missing double clic feature to create a post it +++

so annoying not to have access to it anymore ! Loss of time ! 

Made an account to comment!

You removed a critical feature to my every day life and sanity as a product manager - this feature transcended Miro and was my note taking and conversational engine. 

I know I don’t have all of the details, but based on my experiences working with my team and the data on this thread I would not have felt confident making the decision to inflict so much pain on people.

I say this in genuine sadness.

Want to solve my problem? I need a way to instantly summon interactable objects (on my cursor) and type into them without clicking around.

  • CTRL-N does not work, tab sticky spawns them in non-helpful locations

Please know that the removal of this feature causes me sadness every day, and what hurts more is it feels like the decision was not deeply understood before being undertaken.

Please help

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To give visibility to this issue for the Miro team, please upvote that suggestion. Also on that suggestion’s second page there is a message from a Miro team member about a new feature to add new sticky notes.

“The product team is ready to test an improvement that will (hopefully 🙌) unlock one more way of adding new sticky notes to Miro boards.”

Now I don’t know what it is and if it will be useful like double clicking, but we should join the beta testing group to help them bring a usable function. The instructions how to join the testing group are in that message.

Link: https://community.miro.com/wish-list-32/bring-back-double-click-to-add-the-last-object-used-6812

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Also you can press

“n” for sticky note

The cursor will change into a sticky note pointer and you can click once to create a note with the same colour previously used.