Does Miro work on DTEN D7 interactive screens? Samsung flip smart boards?

  • 4 June 2020
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My colleagues and I love Miro and use it quite often.

We are considering our move back to the office and were wondering how well does Miro work with smart screens (DTEN D7 and Samsung flip board). Any experiences or comments?


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Hi @Najeeb Abdelhadi,

I hope somebody from the community can jump in and share their experience. :pray_tone2:


Meanwhile, here's a shortlist of the touchscreen brands that our customers have had a great experience with:

  • BenQ (also hardware vendor for Google Jamboard);
  • Promethean ActivBoard;
  • DTen;
  • ViewSonic ViewBoard;
  • Surface Hub.

Generally, Miro is supported on any tech-screen devices that support full-size applications. As for the multiple collaborators, it depends on the device's technical possibility to recognize multiple input controls at once. If the device supports multiple collaborators touching it at the same time, it should work in Miro as well.

Please note that Miro can not be run on devices that do not support third-party apps (e.g. Google Jamboard, Samsung Flip).


I would also love to hear from the experience from others. 


@Marina : Is there any direct product that you would recommend? We would like to rent or buy a device to test the usage of miro on a big touch screen.

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Hey @Maximilian Schneider-Ludorff,

Please, see the message above - there’s a list of brands that our users had a great experience with :relaxed:  

If you are looking for an open platform, InGlass displays from Dell, NEC, Avocor, Smart Technologies, and others are most flexible ( I have not tested with Miro but worth checking. The InGlass touchscreen technology also is used in Samsung Flip, but like someone else mentioned unfortunately this is a closed system only supporting Samsung apps. 

@Marina Thank you for the list of touchscreen brands that might work with Miro. Regarding your solution:

Please note that Miro can not be run on devices that do not support third-party apps (e.g. Google Jamboard, Samsung Flip).


My android 8.0 powered viewsonic viewboard does not have google play app, and I have not figured out how to otherwise get an APK for the Miro android app to manually install it. Is there any way y’all can toss a link up here for us current and future touchboard users?

Frankly, the included myViewboard whiteboard app sucks dead rocks. And I’m sure the same goes for other touchboard (hardware) manufacturers’ afterthought attempts at making freebie software. I think Miro could make out well by simply providing an APK download option for all of us (thousands?) of potential customers. (Assuming the native Miro app to be more responsive and touch enabled than the browser version from a plugged in laptop ;-)



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Hi @Manuel Mejia 

Thanks for your question!

Currently we are distributing our app only via Google Play and don’t have ability to provide a link to download APK file. Also, at the moment we are not planning to work on in, unfortunately. The good news is that in order to make sure your suggestion reaches our product team, would you please so kind to submit your idea to our Wish List? Thank you for helping to make Miro even better!


Is there a guide or steps to install Miro on a DTEN D7?