do collaborators see the dependency lines?

I'm just trying to understand the dependency capabilities better. When I click on the dependency tool and get the panel it shows the lines on the canvas. Those feel like I'm the only one seeing them, I'm curious if anyone knows if my collaborators. They're also on the board will see those same lines on the canvas. 

Also, do they have to be in dependency mode to see them?

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@Jason123black - By “dependency” and “lines”, are you referring to these grid lines?


If so, any user coming to a board for the first time (or if you have cleared your cookies) will see these lines. They are also a user-level setting, meaning that if you turn yours off, other users will still see them, and the other way around.

Tip: The G hotkey will toggle them on/off.

No, I think you misunderstand. I'm talking about the project management, dependency mapping functionality.