Creating templates that have links to next frames in them

  • 6 January 2021
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Hi everyone, I have been working on a template that has next and back buttons underneath the frames to make it easier for new Miro users to find the next frame, I know you can search the frames on the left side but was hoping that this would be an option. The trouble is when you save as a template and create another board the next and back button takes you back to the original templated board!!!!

May be that I am just new to Miro myself and operator error 😞

Robert Johnson 3 years ago

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5 replies

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fun fact, if you link the word in the shape it will go back to your original template however the other method of linking works and does not hold the link to the original board!


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@Jeremy SCHOCH - As long as you paste the "Copy link" from an object into the "Link to" of another object, then Miro should update the links to reflect the new board and objects when they are created in a new board, e.g., by a copy and paste or from a template, a duplicated board, restored board backup.

However, pasting a link into an object is considered to be more static/deliberate, so Miro should update it.

Miro should update the links as long as you created them using this dialogue:


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@Jeremy SCHOCH - I wrote a detailed reply on how this works in another post:

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cheers @Robert Johnson . I searched this post previously. Option to make an entire object a clickable hyperlink | Miro


I agree we need to have a whole shape to be linked. The method I used allows them to at least click the shape and then click the hyperlink to go to the next frame. Otherwise the tiny small arrow may be overlooked!

Making the whole shape linkable (no more tiny arrow tap-/click-target) should be added soon. I miss this really. Have a look at the following example:

This is how it should look like with a link. On hovering about the red area, the mouse cursor should change and display somehow that this is a link: 


Here how it looks right now: