Hi everyone I have reproduced an A3 Improvement initiative charter. Can I use this as a template (to enable collaboration but without collaborators editing the template? 

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Hi @Heghine Lalayan! The answer is yes, all you need to do is save what you created as a custom template. You can save the whole board or an individual frame as a template. More information here:

@Henrik Ståhl thank you so much and would it be possible to save this as a template – make it available on your template board? 

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@Heghine Lalayan Do you mean if your custom template can be used by others? In that case, the answer is yes – if you save it as a shared template.


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@Heghine Lalayan - A few notes about Custom Templates:

  1. If you are on a Free Plan, this feature is not an option.
  2. They are an easy way to share templates with those who are also members of your Miro team as they can find them find/search for them in the templates picker window:

    … with that being said,

  3. … Custom Templates are not available to Miro users outside of your team.

If you are on a Free Plan, or you need to share a template outside of your team, you can simply put your template on a blank board, set the visitor access to Anyone with the link → Can view, and share a link with them - there are a few caveats, but I have outlined all of this in the following post:

Sharing a board with any Miro user (BONUS: Boards vs. Custom Templates)