Can I use Miro free plan for commercial purposes?

  • 1 April 2020
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I wonder if I can use free Miro plan for trying our Miro features in my company? I cannot find such information. Please clarify.



4 replies

Hi Przemek,

What features do you mean? Could you please share more details on what you would like to do in Miro?

Btw, I’m moving this topic to the Miro How-tos category :wink:

I want to make sure that I can use “Free” plan for commercial use.

@przemekwitka, our Terms of Service available at say that you can use the free account to test Miro features. You can do it working on your real projects - this is not restricted - just make sure you stay in line with Miro use policy.

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Hi @przemekwitka :wave:

I use the free plan of Miro for work and have been for some time. A few other people in my office also use the free plan because we aren’t at the point where we are ready to scale up and use a paid plan.

The only thing to note is that the free boards cannot be made private so be careful how you share links and access.