Can I create a note against a shape in a process work flow?

  • 29 April 2022
  • 3 replies

I want to be able to highlight problems in a section of the work flowchart process.

But I want to keep the look of the workflow streamlined and not messy.

Ideally the user would click on the shape and if there is a ‘note’ attached to the shape it would pop up in the right hand side for example.

Can this be done?

3 replies

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@James Gill - There is currently no out-of-the-box feature for this.

I would suggest upvoting the following Wish List idea post:

Your best option at this time would be comments:

Keep in mind that Comments aren't exported when saving to image or PDF - there is another Wish List idea post to address this gap:

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@James Gill -

I’d echo @Robert Johnson’s advice to use comments but another option would be to have a Details text box somewhere else in the board, and have Miro links added to the process step boxes linking to the Details box.


thanks so much Mr Robert Johnson! Add a Details text box someplace else on the board and Miro links pointing to the Details box in the process step boxes.