App Google Images missing in the toolbar

I installed the Google Images application but I don’t see it in the toolbar, I have a free version of Miro. Can you help me?

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Hi @Elena Wlad - thanks for reaching out! You can search for the app by clicking the plus sign at the bottom of your toolbar and typing in “Google Images.” Once you find it, click the pin icon on the right-hand side of the app name to “pin” the app to your toolbar for easy reference.

Here is an article on Toolbars and one on Google Images that might help. 

Thank you very much for your answer!
I've done all this several times already, but the problem remains. The G icon that should appear on the toolbar for me to use it does not appear. Maybe someone has already had this?  Thank you in advance!

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Hi @Elena Wlad - Can you confirm that you own the board you’re working on? We’re trying to replicate the issue on our end. Also, have you tried 1) clearing cache/cookies, 2) using a different browser (or closing/re-opening your current one)?