Stay in the flow by adding Miroverse templates to existing boards

  • 25 November 2022
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Stay in the flow when adding Miroverse templates ✨

You can now choose between adding a template to an existing board or starting a new board from template pages.

Start exploring, discovering, and creating with Miroverse community templates — and even share your own


Featured Template: Character Mix & Match Icebreaker by @Daniel Wirtz 

4 replies

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@Kayla Robinson if I remember correctly, this was a feature you requested in our Quarterly What’s New Webinar. I hope it helps you with your team retros! Please let us know what you think. 😃

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I’d say this is a HUGE improvement! The amount of times, I have had to move templates into other boards was time consuming. Time saver! 

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For anyone curious as to the logic around which boards will appear in the list of existing boards that you can add a Miroverse template to: While the documentation doesn’t say, I will make some assumptions and suggest that these are any boards that you are an editor (or maybe owner of - would have to test) and a member of the team/workspace where the board resides - and the board at the top of the list is likely meant to be the most recently modified board.

From my testing, when I refresh a Miroverse template page and use the board dropdown, the boards at the top keep changing/are inconsistent, even though the most recently modified board is not shown at the top. I will open a support ticket to report this inconsistent behaviour :)

if I refresh the Miroverse template page and use the above dropdown, the first board listed keeps changing, even thought I have none of these boards open/have modified them.


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Response from Miro support team re which boards appear first in the boards list:

Thanks for your patience as we confirmed this internally. Here's what I heard back from the Product team: "The order should be "last opened" (not "modified"), and the list takes a bit (some mins) to update, so if I open a board and right away open the dropdown, I won't see that board first (but should after some mins - though the page would have to be reloaded)."