Protected lock, live embed, and more mind map features

  • 13 October 2020
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:wink:  Hi there, 

As usual, our weekly product update is here :clipboard: 


:round_pushpin:  Even better meetings with Protected Lock 

Available for Team, Business, Consultant, Education, and Enterprise Plan.

Now board owners can designate whether items they lock can be unlocked by anyone or only by them. Protected Lock is ideal for those who design and facilitate interactive meetings and workshops in Miro.


:round_pushpin:  Share boards anywhere with new Live Embed code

With Miro’s new Live Embed code you can embed your boards into other websites or applications and collaborate with your partners, colleagues, and clients right within any interface that supports iFrames.


:round_pushpin:  Exciting new Mind Map features

Have you ever wanted to visualize an org chart using Miro? Or wanted to explain complex concepts using our mind map tool?

Now you can create a horizontal or vertical mind map and change its style using the toolbar – you decide what works better for you. And use nodes linking functionality to show dependencies between ideas in your mind map.


 :bulb: Just a reminder that you can find all product updates in the Changelog.


Please leave your feedback on the new features in the thread below :point_down_tone2:

We would love to hear from you!


4 replies

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loving the protected unlock!! :grin:

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Some great additions!

In latest Chrome/Windows 10 64-bit (and also in 64-bit Windows app, version 0,4.2), I am experiencing a jumping/shifting action when togging the lock/unlock permissions:



When I didn’t see this jumping happening in another account of mine, I did some more testing and found that it is actually due to a plugin I am using called Cardsy - so sorry! I will advise the plugin developer that they may want to hide the icon if the object is locked.



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Thanks for the update @Robert Johnson :wink:

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For anyone interested in being able to turn mind map nodes into Cards, e.g., for using them in Kanban, check out the web-plugin by @Yash called Cardsy. It will generate new cards from sticky notes, shapes, text, and as of Oct 18, 2020, even mind map nodes. Super helpful!

You can learn more and install it from this post: