New ways to search and replace images and icons 🖼️

  • 8 February 2024
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Create engaging presentations, enhance your storytelling, stimulate brainstorming sessions, and much more with our consolidated Images and Icons Library 🖼️ that pulls from Unsplash and Iconfinder. 

With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly replace images on your board by selecting 'replace from Images and Icons' from the 'replace image' drop-down menu. This feature preserves your existing cropping and maintains your layout design, making the process quick and easy.  



As always, happy collaborating and please keep sharing your thoughts with us!

2 replies

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@Kristin - Just a heads up that, sometimes, when I open a board the Images and Icons app is opening on its own. I haven’t created a help desk ticket as I haven’t yet been able to consistently reproduce the issue.

Something else I have been noticing is that, on accounts where I had both Iconfinder and Unsplash previously installed, when I open the Images and Icons app, only the Icons tab is present, with no way to make the images/Unsplash tab become an option from the context of the Images and Icons app. Instead, I have to go into More apps, search for Unsplash, launch a modal that tells me about the new Images and Icons app, and click on/execute the “Run” action that is on the modal. Finally, the modal closes and then the Images and Icons app panel opens and the Images tab is now present - this was a lot of steps.

Update: As I went back to find another one of my accounts (yes, I have about ten haha) that I have not run the new Images and Icons app yet to record this experience as a Loom, I was also able to reproduce the aforementioned issue of the Images and Icons app launching on its own. I will PM you the Loom!

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Thank you @Robert Johnson for raising these issues. I’ve passed your feedback onto the product team and they will investigate further. I’ll share an update here when I have one.