New integrations and Atlassian security self-assessment

  • 8 September 2020
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Hi there,

It’s our weekly update again :nerd:


:round_pushpin: New integrations with MeetButter, Toasty, and ClickUp

Our partners are helping us use Miro in more creative and productive ways. Now you can:

  • Use /miro in docs and task descriptions to embed your Miro boards directly into ClickUp
  • Add Miro boards to your collaborative sessions in Toasty
  • Collaborate on Miro boards while using MeetButter.


:round_pushpin: Miro just passed the Atlassian security self-assessment for this year.

All our applications in the Atlassian Marketplace (Miro for ConfluenceMiro for Jira Cloud, and Jira Cards by Miro) are now marked with a special label to reflect this update.


Are you excited just like we are? :blush::rocket:

By the way, do you use MeetButter, Toasty, ClickUp, and our Atlassian integrations? Let us know in the comments! :relaxed:


 :bulb: Just a reminder that you can find all product updates in the Changelog.


2 replies

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An FYI if anyone interested

Been chatting to both meetbutter and toasty (and whereby which also integrates miro) and tried meetbutter & whereby for a meet with miro use

So far it was a struggle

Slow for the miro board to load

Unclear if the ‘shared’ board is presenting a common display at each end of the meeting app or just adding a layer on top of each end-point having its own independent session to the same end-point - in part that lack of clarity is cos AV was choppy - I’m on fibre in europe the far end was wifi & in the middle-east where connections are not always robust 

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Thank you @Simon.Harris, this is very helpful feedback! We passed it to our product team, and they will follow up with you if they have any additional questions.