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Miro - What we launched in August 2022

  • 22 September 2022
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Miro - What we launched in August 2022
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This month, the team at Miro has been busy making improvements to the board experience.

We’re really excited about building brand asset catalog capabilities for your digital asset management. We’re also delving further into connecting Miro with key tools like Smartsheet and Azure DevOps, to make working out of Miro even more intuitive.


🔗 To see how Miro’s newest features can help your team work better together, check out our roundup of releases from August.


What’s you favourite feature from this roundup? 🙂

2 replies

An Azure DevOps integration would be phenomenal!

Miro needs the ability to load custom fonts - it’s really the only major thing holding it back at this point. Typeface is a critical brand element - you can offer all the synced colours and and visual assets under the sun, but without the right font, nothing created in Miro will be useable.