Divide diagrams into logical area with Swimlanes

  • 11 March 2022
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Hello community!


Dividing diagrams into logical areas helps to visualize complex information and improve your Flowcharts, BPMN and UML diagram processes. 

  • Vertical and horizontal Lanes and Pools

  • Show interdependencies within diagrams, connections and handoffs

  • Adding Swimlanes to your diagram can improve efficiency of your process and help identify waste and inefficiencies

We would love to see some of your creations and get feedback. You can reach me at diagramming@miro.com or post them below in the comments.

Visit our help center for more information, plus tips and tricks to improve your diagramming. 

Happy diagramming,

4 replies

Hi Turner, 


I really like this new feature! I only miss one thing: the ability to freeze swimlane titles. Would be really helpfull. 


Best Ellen

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Hi @Ellen Barree 


Thanks for your feedback and great to hear you like Swimlanes! Could you share a bit more details on what you mean with freeze titles? If you like you can also reach me on diagramming@miro.com 




Hi Turner, 


We are creating a large board with swimminglanes, but when you scroll down, you are not able to see the column titles anymore. As a result you get lost in the lanes, not knowing what you are looking at. The kanban board has this option, but there I am forced to work with the specific card design (you can not remove the + sign). So we are in need of the swimminglanes with freezed column and/or row titles OR the kanban set up without the cards. 

I know there is a wishlist and topic within the community for this set up and I voted for it already (nr 75 :-)) I think with the swimminglanes set up we are almost there!


I am not that techy, but hope it is something you can add to the swimminglane option. 

Let me know if you have other questions or want to have a look at the board, so I can show u the challenges we are facing!

Best, Ellen


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Hi Ellen,

Thank you for your detailed feedback! As you mention it’s part of the wish list and on our radar. Keep an eye out on the Community and Miro channels to stay up to date on this.

Best regards,