Content Admin Permissions for Enterprise Company Admins

  • 21 May 2020
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Hi everyone! :wave:  This one’s for our Enterprise customers. 

Company Admins can now enable Content Admin permissions for extended permissions to manage projects, boards (e.g. delete, transfer, or move boards and download board backups), and company templates without needing to request permission from board owners to do so. This gives admins the greater ability to better organize and administer the workspace in general. 

You’ll never have to say or think any of these again: 

  • “I just want to get rid of all these “untitled” blank boards. Can’t I just delete them?!”

  • “I don’t need permissions to edit and see actual board content; I just need to have permissions to change the permissions for others.

  • “I get emails like ‘can you give me access to this board’ and employees send me a link. But after clicking the link, I can’t do anything because I need to request access from the board owner.”

Want to enable Content Admin permission on your account?

We’ll only enable this feature by request. Get in touch with your CSM or account rep to let them know. Learn more about this feature in our Help Center.

2 replies

But can I see all the bords Created in a team or project?

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But can I see all the bords Created in a team or project?

@Thina Lubbe - From a read of the help center article, it sounds like you won’t just “see” boards that are not shared with you, but you can search for them.

As for Projects, the same article says: