Bulk Conversion of Sticky Notes to Jira Cards

  • 24 October 2022
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Hi Miro Fam 👋,


We've got a very exciting update, something that is going to make your Jira bulk uploads a whole lot easier. You can now bulk convert sticky notes into Jira cards!

Until now you could only do this only one at a time, but now you can convert up to 50 stickies in one go. And what’s more, any changes you make in Miro or Jira will be reflected on both platforms. Say what?! 🙃. Simply select the stickies you want to convert, click on the Jira icon, and indicate the prioritizations required. Once you hit ‘Convert,’ the stickies will automatically convert to Jira cards.


Here's a 1-minute screen recording of how it works.
Head to your Miro boards and try it out! And don't forget to share your feedback with us, here on Miro Communities.


Happy bulk converting!

3 replies

@Steven Chang great feature! I’ve been waiting for it for a long time and will use it for sure.

Is it available for Cards as well - my use case is that we use Miro for Story maps (the story mapping add-on that has really nice built-in functionality for ordering the activities, releases, etc.) and then need to convert card by card to JIRA tasks which is really tiresome. 

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@Iskra Naydenova - I am not seeing the Jira option in the context menu of multiple-selected Cards.

One option would be to:

  1. select your cards
  2. duplicate (Ctrl/Cmd+D) or copy-paste them (to keep them intact in your User Story Mapping framework)
  3. and then use the Switch type action to convert them into Sticky Notes (NOTE: You would lose an Card-specific meta data, e.g., date, assignee)


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@Iskra Naydenova great question! That is something we’re looking to add support for soon, and we’ll let you know once it is 😁