Better, smoother Desktop App is here!

  • 19 August 2020
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how can i change language in MIRO to Korean? 

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Buggy sometimes when trying to rearrange my Teams icons - they got stuck like this and I had to re-launch. I am a member of six teams, so three were all bunched up:


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@Robert Johnson I’m so glad that you liked the prompt to open a board from a link!

While I’m here, something that has caused me extra work is lack of a way way to see what version of the Miro desktop app that I am running from within the app itself. 

You can check the current desktop app version in “Help” tab here. I agree that it’s not the most discoverable place, we’ll think about the better placement.



@Tolya Filippov - Thanks for the info, but I am using the Windows version in which there is no file toolbar :