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  • 18 February 2022
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Hi Miro Community!


My name is Annika and I’m on the Customer Education team at Miro. I help create new courses on Miro Academy, and I’d love to use this space to connect with you as you grow your Miro skills.


Speaking of which, have you had a chance to check out our latest course, Collaborative meetings in Miro? These lessons will help you transform the online meeting experience by teaching key skills for designing, facilitating, and managing meeting outcomes. You can even earn a digital skill badge when you complete the course and pass the quiz. Take the course. 


I’m so curious… did you learn any new tips for hosting a collaborative meeting? Share with us below!

2 replies

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@Annika Robbins - Are you able to answer @Heidi Berger‘s question in this post?

→ https://community.miro.com/ask-the-community-45/updated-tutorials-with-new-ui-toolbars-7441

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@Robert Johnson Sure thing! I recommended our Getting Started with Miro live webinar, which will include the latest UI. Register here.