Zoom / Size best practices?

  • 11 March 2021
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I’m brand new to Miro and working on creating a large board for facilitating an all day workshop for a smallish group. I initially started by copying over some templates, but as I got comfortable I just started creating my own thing. I’ve discovered that I’m having to use text sizes of 900 for example, and the zoom is set to just a few %. Is there any problem with this? Should I be targeting using “normal” text sizes and doing everything at 100%, or is it totally irrelevant as long as I keep things in proportion to one another?

I’m worried that I’m going to get even more hours into setting this up and suddenly realize that actually having apparently huge everything actually screws me up somehow.

Any thoughts much appreciated! 

Thank you,

8 replies

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@thezane -

I’ve stopped using Miro templates as I prefer to build my boards from scratch. In general, I stick with a 24 size typeface for text and scale everything else based on that - that tends to avoid the need for constant zooming in or out.


Thank you so much for the info! Is there a reason why 24 is the magic number? As I’ve been playing around it seems like I can scale everything up and down dynamically, so I’m pretty lost as to why the size of type is even relevant (except as a relative value to itself). Could you help me better understand why a given size means less zooming, when it seems like you can just view at any scale?

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@thezane - Here’s my board/font size philosophy.

The default zoom level for a board is 100% and the font size is 12.

I always attempt to build my board at 100% as that is the percentage that everyone will enter the board at for the very first time.

When at 100% zoom, however, the font size of 12 is quite small, so upping to something like 24, helps make the font more readable, therefore reducing the change that someone will zoom in to read it and then start adding objects while at a higher zoom level, making a bunch of those new created objects much bigger than the rest.

@Robert Johnson Thank you! 


I’d thought that the default view changed based on what the host selected -- or even if I choose a load view (or whatever it’s called) it’ll zoom out or in to 100%? 


This is all helpful context. It sounds like then that the big reason to choose a size is for that initial view, but after that since everything is relative it matters less… The nice thing it seems to me is that everything really does scale well - like mine started out huge and now I’ve scaled everything down and it seems to have done that pretty seamlessly. Still waiting for a gotcha, but hopefully there’s none!

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@thezane - The first time anyone enters a board they have never been on, the zoom will 100%. The next time you enter that board, it will remember the zoom you used the last time you left (unless you delete your cookie, at which point you’re back to 100%).

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Dear All,


I have a question.  I once clicked ‘ctrl’ and ‘-’ too many times due to the lag of communications, as the result, the zoom percentage soon went to 1%, surprisingly seems the screen stuck to 1% and made it work like it is 100%.  Unfortunately, 1% is the minimum, so I couldn't zoom out anymore to see the whole picture of the board.  In this case, except for deleting the cookie, may I ask if there is another quick solution to solve this problem?  I’m afraid I might come across the same problem again.  




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@Emma Chen - Click on the percentage in the mini-map/bottom-right panel and it will jump to 100%:

Some other shortcuts:


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@Emma Chen - Click on the percentage in the mini-map/bottom-right panel and it will jump to 100%: 


Dear Robert, 


Thanks, but my problem was miro made the 1% work like it was 100%, which means when I clicked the 100% button on the mini-map, the screen goes to beyond the normal view, like 100 times bigger than the original 100%.  I did try the buttons on the mini-map, it didn’t solve this problem.