What is your favourite Miro feature?

  • 14 February 2020
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What is your favourite Miro feature? Suggest your ideas and give a Like to upvote your peers' replies :thumbsup_tone1:

For example, my fav is Visual Notes. I’ve always wanted an advanced text tool on the board, and it works perfectly for my to-do list :ballot_box_with_check:

10 replies

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I love Wireframes - Need More Wireframes!

Working with mobile apps, using wireframes to visualize updates is a great way to distinguish projects for my team. Using the icons/image finder lets me easily visualize ideas without involving dev work. But there is only the one series of iPhone wireframes.

It would be great to have a generic or non-device-specific wireframe. Or a wireframe set for iPhone and Android and to keep them updated when new devices are released.



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I might have mentioned this elsewhere, but the feature that I find the best….the very best….the feature that sold me on Miro, is being able to keep so many different things in one place.  It’s just like a Swiss Army Knife for me.

Among other things, I write novels.  No, I’m not famous, but that doesn’t mean the stories aren’t good. I’m told that they are, and I spend a great deal of time working out the details, so that the reader gets a very good yarn out of the deal.

The latest has some very intricate cat-and-mouse bits to it, that need to be told carefully, in order to be the most fun.  And, the story, while fictional, needs to be logical, in order to maintain believability.  Miro came along at exactly the right moment….when I needed to keep all of the elements (notes, timeline, plot line, and, most importantly, the logic tree...all in one place. Having this logic tree in my immediate and continuous view, kept me from writing a chapter that simply could not have happened, given the particular premise I was working on.

As an example, I have Visio. I could always take a Visio screenshot, and place it in the Miro workspace. However, having the ability to observe the logic tree as I work on the timeline, is priceless.  What I have found, is that working the timeline requires changes in the logic flow….and vice-versa….things that might not be as easily seen, if I was using two different documents.

Priceless, Miro!!  Nice job.



This is such a small thing, but it massively improves my ability to navigate Miro: It’s the way the names of Frames are dynamically sized based on zoom level. 

Doing needfinding and synthesis as part of our Design Thinking process, we work with huge numbers of stickies and several rounds of grouping/organizing. The dynamically-sized Frame names make this much easier.

I wish it were possible to designate more levels of headings to have this dynamic display sizing feature.

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My favorite feature of miro is Miro SDK, I developed my own favorite feature. 😋

It seems like I can’t embed the Loom video here.
Here is the link to the plugin video I just developed yesterday.

Cards and Mindmap are currently my top favorite.

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It’s hard to pick one feature! I love the templates, and how easy it is to create your own templates to share with the team. Makes it so easy to get a quick start on work. I also really love the “Bring to Me” feature!

I love the follow feature. Being able to select a user and have them walk you through the boards is amazing and so helpful!

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My favorite feature is frames.

They were such a game changer once I figured out how to use them and move them around. They’re the unsung Miro Hero!

they add a clean point of reference and help guests know areas of clearly defined thought and reasoning

For me and they effectively help me build slide shows and presentations. They help organize thinking. They feel like discrete arguments or exercises and I often pull one frame into another board and then another board. 

I love that you can selectively reveal them. 

I wish you could tag them and create a fresh board out of collections of frames.



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@Stewart Wolfe - Miro recently added a shortcut to creating a new board from within a board, so you could create a new board from a collection of frames with only a few key/mouse strokes. in this example, I have

  1. selected two frames
  2. copied them to my clipboard using Ctrl + C
  3. clicked on the board title and then New board
  4. and then pasted the two frames into the new board using Ctrl + V.

You could also create a Custom Template* from a collection of frames. This would be useful if you wanted to create multiple new boards over a period of time.

One other quick way to create a board is by browsing to → https://miro.new So, if you were to put that URL as a shortcut on your browser’s address bar, you would copy the frames into your clipboard and click on the “new board” shortcut from your clipboard.

*Paid plan required.

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@Robert Johnson Thank you!

@Miro - You’ve done it again!

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My favourite feature is now reactions!