What is the best template to display quarterly achievements in 3 categories?

  • 14 April 2021
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Hey, I’m seeking a great visual to display all achievements made through a quarter for 3 different categories. I know miro is the place, but I can’t figure out which template to use. Does anyone have any suggestions?  I would like to list the achievement, the time spent, and the impact of it. Thank you!

4 replies

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@Haley Van Escobar -

I couldn’t find a suitable template in the Miroverse, but why not create a virtual Academy Awards-like board complete with little gold Oscar images?


Well now that’s an idea! I will think about that.

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@Haley Van Escobar - if it’s one thing I have learned over these past three years of using Miro is that while it is powerful, sometimes it’s best to keep it simple and that less is more.

Here's a quick example of the kind of thing I may do with my team if we were playing a game and calling out the winners. I would open up the Google image search and search for “awards podium”, add it to the board, and then use sticky notes, Bitmojis, a LinkedIn profile screenshot etc. to identify the recipients, e.g.:


Hey Robert, you make a great point about keeping it simple. Thank you for the ideas!