What are your challenges working remotely, and how do you overcome them?

  • 20 April 2020
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Hey there,

Most companies switched to work-from-home mode several weeks ago. We’ve already shared a lot of

But let’s discuss the challenges of working remotely.

:question: What bothers you most of all? Anything that you have already overcome? Or maybe remote work is just fine for you? Share your thoughts in the comments, and let’s address those challenges together with the community.


For example, my biggest challenge is overworking. I simply can’t understand when I should switch off - my laptop is just in front of me, why not to check Slack, email inbox, or complete a task from the backlog? :face_palm_tone2:

What works for me (well, I’m trying)

  • close Slack (or at least turn off the notifications and set myself away) at a set time
  • have something scheduled for the evening (a Zoom call with friends or I plan to make dinner)
  • clock off (I mean I finish what I planned by a set time, slow down and “leave my workspace” - go outside for a quick walk around the house).


:bookmark: For a quick reference, here is the Zapier’s blog article about remote work challenges and how to overcome them.
Have you found anything that resonates with you?

2 replies

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@Marina -

Finding the right balance between “slacking off” and “being too busy” has been my biggest issue. I normally am home when I’m not teaching (in person) classes, but I usually don’t stay home on my “at home” days - I try to keep busy visiting friends, playing golf, and other hobbies.

Now, other than going for a walk when the weather is good, I’m pretty well stuck home on the days when I’m not teaching so finding the right amount of “busy work” has been a bit of a challenge as I feel guilty when I’m just relaxing, but then over-compensate by trying to get too much done :grin:

Oh yeah, and staying away from the fridge - that is a never-ending challenge for me, even pre-pandemic!

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Definitely the "turning off from work" challenge. Also having a lot more screen time now and that's surprisingly tiring. And there has been a lot of extra learning required outside of paid work time to get up to speed with new technologies like Zoom and Miro!