Virtual Conference in Miro: My Story - My Failure - My Win

  • 25 March 2021
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Hi there!!!


Here’s a solution I came up for a virtual conference...using Miro!!


 My Story 

We wanted to replicate the energizing feeling that comes with attending an in-person conference...virtually! I used Design Thinking to work through what challenges (cost, lack of human connection etc..) we needed to solve for and decided to create a prototype in Miro. 


 My Failure 

After putting quite a bit of time thinking through the solution and crafting the solution, we determined that a less complex approach would be used to accomodate the conference hosts. It felt like a failure because it the new approach did not quite address the challenges we were looking to solve for.


 My Win 

I still view this a win because the process allowed us to think through challenges we needed to solve for, especially as this is a repeating event. If you’re thinking about hosting a virtual conference, think no further than Miro.




1 reply

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Great effort, @Regine! I don’t see it as “failure”, just an experimentation that we can learn from. I’m sure you’ll do even better and bigger events on Miro soon!