Using Miro to capture questions in trainings and workshops

  • 13 May 2020
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Hello all. I am an instructional designer and trainer. In a month from now, my team will be making the switch from the in-person classroom to the digital classroom and we rely on tools such as Miro. Most of our classes are heavily discussion based and there’s a lot of back and forth instructor/student engagement. 

Has anyone successfully leveraged Miro to serve as a place to direct and field questions throughout training sessions? If so, I would appreciate anyone sharing their successes and set-up. Thanks! 

3 replies

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@Margaret Hiden -

I tend to teach smaller sized classes so the Q&A is usually live & interactive as I’m delivering content or learners are collaborating and completing exercises.

However, three ways in which Miro could support a more structured approach could be:

  1. Create a Q&A frame where learners can post stickies with their questions and build in specific times in the class agenda to review and answer those. You could also allow other learners to respond to the questions using either comments or directly annotating the stickies.
  2. Use the Chat or the Notes panels to capture the questions, and review and answer them at regular intervals. If you use the Notes panel, you can create a Q&A heading and learners can add entries with checkboxes which they can check off once their questions has been answered.


  3. Build on #1 by using a simple Kanban board with learners creating stickies in the first column, you move them to the second column when they are being answered and then they move them over to the last column (done) if they feel their question has been fully answered.

I’m sure there are many other ways to do this, but those were the first three that came to mind :grinning:


Wonderful, thanks for the great ideas. Much appreciated!

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Hi @Margaret Hiden to Kiron's number 1 point, I simply create a visual space for questions and feedback somewhere on the board. I visit this space during the breaks and at the end of the session to answer any questions or concerns left on the board.