UNOFFICIAL Miro board with overview of all Distributed 2021 sessions

  • 18 October 2021
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One of the reasons I use Miro is to consolidate information from multiple sources into one view... which is what I did with the Distributed 2021 agenda from the official site.

I took screenshots of all the sessions and put them onto a Miro board. If anyone wants a copy of it, just

  1. open the board
  2. click on the board name (top-left)
  3. and use the Duplicate.

** WARNING ** This is board is NOT an official agenda - any changes to the agenda wont’ be reflected in the board!


If I made an mistakes, please let me know and I will update then ASAP.

5 replies

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@Robert Johnson :

Thank you for sum up all this and taking your time to do this - That’s really great!

:boom: :clap::medal:


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Great effort @Robert Johnson , but it is making me sadder that I can’t participate in Distributed 2021 as I’m teaching all of this week :frowning2:


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@Kiron Bondale oh no, you’ll be missed dearly! 

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Wow! @Robert Johnson this is so cool, thank you. 

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@Robert Johnson you never cease to amaze us! So inspired, as always. I’m excited to know what you think of the boards for the event! Keep an eye out for them in the event chat. See you there soon!