Turn your Miro cards into Asana and Trello tasks!

  • 18 May 2022
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Hey! I wanted to introduce you all to a new integration from Unito (where I work) that allows you to turn Miro cards into tasks in Asana and Trello and keep them in sync. 

This way, you can easily move brainstorming or planning sessions over to project management tools once you’re ready to start the work, without losing any context! 

We launched today, so you can check out all the details on Product Hunt

Plus, to help you get started, here’s a free template you can use to map your product launch lifecycle, and then sync into a project management tool once you’re ready to operationalize it. 

If you have any feedback, just message me here on the forum or reply to this message :)

3 replies


Hey @Daniel Dixon - so excited for this integration and can’t wait to use the new template!

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This looks really cool @Daniel Dixon!  I have had a few clients recently ask about this two-way integration with popular task/project management tools, and mostly have told them to stand by until this gets figured out, but it looks like your team has it nailed!

Now I have a few more apps to learn!

I wish this bi-directional integration was part of the basic app integration...