Trick: Double-clicking an object that is part of a group let's you move that single object

  • 7 March 2021
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After using Miro for 3+ years, it’s still fun when you discover something you didn’t know.

In this example, I will group the four images and then double-click the top-left one (the cat with the fishbowl) and move it separate from the group. Next I will do the same with the puppy.


This saves me from Ctrl+Shift+G to ungroup, rearrange, and then Shift+drag to select all and Ctrl+G to group. 

I didn’t see any mention of this in the Structuring Board Content → Grouping Help Center article, but I expect it’s a feature and not a bug.

6 replies

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Nice1! Thanks for sharing!

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@Robert Johnson - that IS a useful hidden shortcut!


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Yes, indeed very handy 👏

And I agree this is a feature and not a 🐞

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Hi @Robert Johnson 

Thanks so much for sharing the tip! It’s not a bug :relaxed: We’ve added it to the article Structuring Board Content 

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@Robert Johnson Love this one, has been helpful these few weeks. My discovery this week is that locked text-enabled elements can be made Bold/Unbold.

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@Isman Tanuri - Nice! Maybe we should be starting a post titled “Who knew?!” :wink: