TOTW (April 5, 2022) — Marvellous Retrospective

  • 5 April 2022
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TOTW (April 5, 2022) — Marvellous Retrospective
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This week, Marvellous Retrospective by @Steven Sampson-Jones is the Template Of The Week (or TOTW). It allows teams to gamify a traditional Agile retrospective by adding Marvel characters to the mix. 



Do you like this template as much as we do? Leave Steven a compliment here, :heart:  his template on Miroverse, and feel free to share your favorite retro templates in this thread! 


Voting makes template discovery easier for other members of Miro Community and supports those who are contributing to Miroverse in such a meaningful way.


How do we choose TOTW? It’s a mystery! But upvoting helps! :hugging:

4 replies

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I'm honoured to be featured @Anna Savina, thank you so much for shining a light on my template.

To return my thanks to the community, I've sketched and released a new template:


Aww I love the Harry Potter theme 😍

The template is so beautiful! Well, all your templates actually 😁

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@Steven Sampson-Jones woo, I love it! I’m a bit Harry Potter fan!

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@Steven Sampson-Jones @Marina @Anna SavinaI'm excited to try out both templates in the future,  they are gorgeous! 🌟