Tom Solid's Presentation of Stickies Capture

  • 10 April 2020
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I would like to share a video of Tom Solid, who is founder of PaperlessMovement.

He shows what the Stickies Capture in comparission with the Post-it-App can do:

Guess who the winner is?

I know what I can do with this feature but after this video I was impressed.

Thank you at miro for creating this!!!


4 replies

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Thank you, @mlanders :blush:

@Natalie Nedre, you should see it :wink:

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Wow, thanks for sharing @mlanders!

As a product marketer, I knew our technology rocks, but it’s so awesome to see how it actually better recognizes particular words. Will keep improving this feature to support you even more!

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Hi @mlanders, thanks so much for sharing and your kind words! I’m a Product Manager who’s responsible for the Stickies Capture tool.
It’s so cool to get such feedback, hope that our tool will save some time for you as well :)

And I’d like to echo @Natalie Nedre’s message: we’ll keep improving it. 

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I tried the Stickies Capture for the first time just now after watching Tom’s video. It is a pretty cool capability - the one thing I noticed is that if the stickies are not all right-side up (i.e. one or more is upside down), then the text transcription will be in reverse. I had a sticky with the words “Test” and then “ABC” below it but I had it flipped upside down. When I brought it into Miro, it was transcribed with “ABC” first and then “Test” below it.

This might be worth looking into for a future enhancement...