Thoughts on new Bookmarks app by Miro Labs

  • 8 August 2023
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A few weeks ago, @Thor Mitchell dropped a post about some new apps by Miro Labs.

The Bookmarks app immediately caught my attention as I saw how it could fill in some gaps in my current Miro workflow. First, let's look at how I most use Miro these days.

I use frames all over my boards, both as a way to present and export objects. I then use the Frames sidebar to navigate to said frames as I work on the board, but also while sharing my screen over MS Teams, Zoom, etc. If am presenting all frames in interactive presentation mode, I will use Present → Frames, but if I only need to present a subset of frames that are relevant to the current discussion, I will add them as Activities and then present using Present → Facilitate.

The issue I have been running into lately is when the board object I want to present/move to next is not always a frame – nor do I want it to be a frame!

For example, as I am presenting board content to someone, I may want to jump to some text or a sticker before moving to the next frame. I don't want to add a frame around this text/sticker/ object for a few reasons:

  1. It looks out of place/awful while I am not presenting.
  2. It will never be exported.

Enter the Bookmarks app. It is brilliant! It allows me to browse/move to any objects, and even to a spot on the board! But, now that you've given me a little taste, I want more!

So, in my self-appointed, imaginary position of Product Manager at Miro, here's what I would like to see for the Bookmarks app/board navigation:

  • Add drag-to-reorder functionality.
  • An option to generate a link board link that, when opened by the recipient, the Bookmarks app panel opens upon board load. (Ideally, this should be an option for any Web SDK app.)
  • An option to generate a Link to link to any Bookmark, similar to using the Copy link feature (so, just a moveToWidget link – problem to solve: moveToLocation).
  • Harmonize the zoom! When an object is selected, it should zoom to fill the view port minus any top and bottom toolbars, including the app panel. It should behave as the Frames sidebar zoom currently does (see below GIF) – I did note that the Bookmarks app does handle things better than the Frames tab as the Bookmarks app zooms to exclude the top/bottom toolbars). The object being zoomed to should be fully visible, even with the sidebar or app panel open. Note: I do have support ticket # 551958 open to report the inconsistency between the Frames and Activities zoom.
In this GIF, I first show how the zoom-to-frame-object between the left sidebar → Activities and Bookmarks app is almost the same. I then show how the Frames tab zoom shows the object in view port minus the left toolbar and app panel.

Eventually, integrate Bookmarks into:

  • the left sidebar, between Frames and Activities tabs.


  • Interactive Presentation Mode.


All of this is, of course, are just the ramblings of one Miro enthusiast. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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