Shout Outs to Relative Snapping / Alignment

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Howdy all - not sure when this feature was introduced, but the relative snapping (adjusting dimensions and having those dimensions match to other like dimensions within the current view) is awesome! The next level would be to do the same for margins :)

Real talk, thank you for introducing this feature


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@Kyle Chipman -

that feature has been there for a while but I do echo your praise for it as I have a terrible eye for dimensions and lining things up, and it helps to keep my boards well laid out!


That feature is nice, however it’s also making it very difficult for me to move items freely. I’ve tried hitting the CMD button on my Mac while moving a box, but it still snaps it to where it wants (even though the “Snap objects” setting is turned off). Can anyone help me understand how to move a box freely *without* the snapping? It’s actually creating two objects to overlap…

Thanks - new user here.


EDIT: Found the answer here -

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Looks like the thread you linked is specifically when moving objects within a frame.

I can only speak to PC commands, but when working outside a frame, if you hold Ctrl before moving the object you will forgo any guides / snapping on the board, and can move objects freely. Try the Option key for Mac? Whichever key in bottom-left area of your keyboard that doesn’t duplicate the object will most likely override snapping.

Please see the gif below; first example is without holding Ctrl before dragging, second example is with holding Ctrl when dragging.

When you figure out the Mac command, feel free to reply for the benefit of others :)